Chihuahuas Breeds

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  1. )ApplesApple slices make a super, crunchy treat for your dog.

  2. Despite being blind, Riddle could run and play and even fetch.

  3. Blur the difference between being home and away by making sure you arent always fawning over her, or always at her beck and call.

  4. Collectively we can make a difference!RFCandice Thies of Sweet Rocket Photography has both fostered and adopted dogs from Beagle Freedom Project.

  5. Even on Take Your Dog To Work Day, there will be limitations to where your dog can roam.

  6. Dogs, like us, are all different and have unique preferences when it comes to their beds.

  7. Despite its size, it is the most agile of the mastiff-type breeds.

  8. Storms like this can be hard on animals too, which are often lost amid the chaos of an evacuation.

  9. If fleas are evident, check with your vet for the best flea solution for your dog.